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 Inzanerobot News...

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PostSubject: Inzanerobot News...   Sun May 15, 2011 11:37 pm

Inzanerobot asked me to pass a message along that it may be a while before he can come back on. Seems his laptop has died. He doesn't know if it's going to be repairable or not (within reason). If it can't be fixed, he says it might be at least 3-4 months (maybe longer) before they could get another computer that could handle the games all, such as minecraft. He also asked that I share his xbox gamer-tag with you all, in case anyone wants to hit him up on xbox and keep in touch with him on there. His gamer-tag is: weatherbeenj

He's pretty bummed out about the whole deal, because, as he says, "I had met so many nice people on minecraft and now this."

Until inzane can get back, he asked if I could have Anok take care his town for now. Anok is going to do this for us. If anyone wants to help with building or move into MullinVille, please get hold of Anok!



- 65Wolf
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Inzanerobot News...
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