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 Videos Wanted

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PostSubject: Videos Wanted   Thu May 12, 2011 10:26 am

Looking for people who might be interested in making some nice promotional videos for WolfCraft that we can place on YouTube. I have already set up a YouTube channel for "WolfCraftGaming". Now to get stuff to post!!

The main thing is to show people we're having fun, and most importantly, NO SWEARING!! Keep it very 'G' rated!! I would love to do it, but haven't had time yet to edit anything I've done so far. Been too busy with other things....

Any ideas, or suggestions, please share them!! Even some group videos would be fun! Might be having some PVP or Spleef tournaments soon, and they should be recorded as well!!


- 65Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Videos Wanted   Fri May 13, 2011 12:56 am

I think that Videos are a great way to promote the server. However Instead of a lame video saying"Yeah come check our server out at BLAHBLAHBLAH"
We should do something really fun and Most important Something that will keep people watching. Maybe once theres enough people online at the same time we should schedule a game of spleef, and or PvP match.

One thing that everyone needs to remember while making a video is to not go off topic and blab about random...
And to show All the amazing things about this server, like the wolf that Dragoon built or Chibi-Robo and more.

Just a few ideas i have in my head right Now (they might be weird)

anyway Cya on the server.

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Videos Wanted
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