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PostSubject: xXOMA212Xx   Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:07 am

-IGN: xXOMA212Xx


1 ) How did you hear about us? Please specify! I heard about it from my cousin. FutileVariable

2 ) Why do you want to join WolfCraft Gaming?i want to play the game with my cousin

3 ) Country where you live? USA

4 ) Something about yourself: i work overnights at a grocery store. i play drums and guitar. I like RPGs,FPSs and horror games. iv been playing minecraft for about 6 months. so im still kind of a noob. but i know the basics.

5 ) What was your first impression of our servers? I thought the server was amazing. The structures that i saw were incredible.

6 ) Have you read and do you understand all of our rules as listed in the forums? Yes. I agree to and understand all the rules.

7 ) Why should we accept your application, and what can you bring to better our server? Im always willing to help people if they request it. If not, i usually just keep to my own. the space is unlimited so i can get out of everyones hair.

8 ) Are you interested in joining our Ventrillo server to chat with us in-game live? yes i am.
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