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 Kellee's Application

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PostSubject: Kellee's Application   Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:33 am

Firstly: I noticed some of the other apps had different things, so I added those in since I wasn't sure if you wanted those too XD Hope you don't mind! Smile

IGN: Kellee8
Preferred Name: Kellee Razz

Age: 21

Recruiter: 65Wolf

How long have you played Minecraft: Only since August Surprised I know, it's not a very long time, and that is exactly why I'm not good at Redstone or making giant builds, but I'm working on it Smile I discovered Minecraft Wiki in November and that has been my life ever since lol. Now I can list a lot of item ID's off the top of my head XD

Why do you want to join WolfCraft Gaming: Well, 65Wolf sent me a message after a plea from me for a mature server, and I liked what he said. I decided to join the server, and fell in love at spawn. It was so beautifully designed. I looked around a bit and decided I'd like to make this my home away from home Smile

Why should we accept your application, or what can you bring to better our server: I'm going to be honest here, I'm not the best builder, I don't make awesome redstone contraptions, I can't build a castle to 1:8th scale from reality- but I feel I do have something that servers need, though from the looks of it your server does not lack. I am honest and open, I like to think I am mature, but hey- that's in the eyes of the beholder. According to my friends on another server, I have integrity and handle myself well (which is why I was made a moderator there after 3 days, and an admin after 7), I try not to bother others. I'm a team player, so if someone needs help, I'm right there to help them. I put everything on the table from Day 1, as I'm sure this application has made apparent lol. And most importantly, I'm not a person that logs on once and never comes back, I stick to the servers I decide I wish to join, and I'm fairly active on them. Yes, I am slightly busy with my admin responsibilities, but I do have a lot of time between that to play on other servers, and I do enjoy doing that.

Other MC Servers you've played on: I actively play on one other server, called KingdomKraft. I also play, from time-to-time, a server called Gilead (no one is ever on, so I only log on when I notice someone else on).

How did you hear about us: 65Wolf messaged me on the Minecraft Forums Smile

Do you have a microphone and speakers (not required): Yes

Have you used Vent before: No, but if it's anything like Teamspeak and Mumble, I've used both of those Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Kellee's Application   Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:50 am

Glad to have you aboard Kellee! See you in-game again soon!!


- 65Wolf
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Kellee's Application
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