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 SERVER RULES (Applies to all WGN's servers!)

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PostSubject: SERVER RULES (Applies to all WGN's servers!)   Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:35 pm

I realize this is a lot to read, but it's better to have it in writing, than to having users constantly asking questions of what's allowed/not allowed.

WARNING: Do not try to create grey areas with-in the rules, or try to play stupid, because you WILL get banned for it. If you are about to do something, but you are unsure of whether it's ok or not, DO NOT do it, ask someone who knows first! That means asking an admin or a moderator, not Joe, who just joined the server. Saying “I didn’t know” is an unacceptable defense that WILL get you banned. Do not argue the rules, especially with Admins, or Moderators, because you WILL get banned.

General Rules
- Do not ask if you can be an Admin, or for any other unearned promotion. There are already guidelines in place for all promotions. If we think you are a Mod/Admin material and we need help, we will ask you.
- Do not ask for weather change, day, night, items, teleports, wand or anything that will give you an advantage over others.
- Do not ask what plugins we use for this or that. (All I will tell you is we run CraftBukkit. You can do your own research!)
- Do not advertise other servers. If any other servers are to be advertised, it will be by us, and ONLY us!
- Do not ask for your house to be moved.
- Absolutely no hacking or client mods. (Flying mods, inventory editors, no clip mods, ect.).
- No mob traps. Under or above ground. They create lag!
- No mob spawner camping. This may also create lag. The only exception allowed is with blazespawners in the nether.
- Using teleporting commands such as /home, /town spawn or portals to run away while engaged in PvP is cheating and will cause you to be banned.
- No death spam - Do not set your /home in a high location to increase your acrobatics skill, or it will be reset.
- Do not use shop chests as a way to protect your stuff when you can't afford a chest lock.
- Do not trick people into typing /kill
- Do not allow others use your account. You are responsible for your account... period! If they do something that gets you banned then you are banned. I would suggest typing in your Minecraft password each time you log on to prevent this.

Minecraft/Server Bug Exploitation
- This includes, but is not limited to item duplication or taking advantage of bugs in plugins.
- Stealing from chests/shops that should be locked, but aren't due to plugin fail. How are you supposed to know? ( Not a valid defense!) If it has a shop sign, it should be locked! If it's at someone's house among other chests, it should be locked too.
- If you are caught exploiting anything like this, you will be banned!
- If you discovered a bug/exploitation by accident, report it! Not reporting it could get you banned too!
- As a general rule if you feel like something happened that shouldn't have, report it to an Admin or a Mod, rather than hiding it and getting banned for it later on.

PvP Rules (What NOT to do during PvP - This will get you banned!)
-Do not kill in peaceful using traps, potions, sand, gravel or any other conceivable way. Peaceful is peaceful. No killing.
- Do NOT fist rush players! This means do not, go and attack players empty handed. This is extremely annoying especially if you are attacking someone WITH stuff on them. Equipping a wooden sword and attacking counts as fist rushing too, use your judgement.
- Do NOT spawn kill. This means you cannot camp at spawns/warps/homes/towns and wait for players to spawn there and then kill them. This will get you banned really fast.
- Absolutely no combat porting or combat logging! This means if you are engaged in PvP do not use /warp,home,spawn or anything else to teleport away. Being engaged in PvP doesn't just mean you are fighting another player. Being chased by someone counts as being engaged in PvP also. If you kill someone DO NOT teleport away right away if there are other players nearby. If they were there with that person you killed, then most likey, the battle isn't yet over.
- Do NOT rush at the same players,towns every 2 minutes. This is extremely annoying especially if that player is new and is trying to built up. This doesn't mean you can go at them again after 2 minutes and 1 second, be reasonable, use your judgement. If someone tells you, you are attacking too often STOP! You can ask a mod if it was too often or not. Do not just keep attacking as that will get you banned. If you want constant PvP go to the /warp coliseum.
- Do NOT rage,yell,complain about PvP in Global chat. Why? Well half the server doesn't really care and the other half doesn't want to hear it. Switch to the PvP channel by typing in /ch pvp
- Do NOT use /town spawn [town name], or /sethome and /home for purposes of raiding or attacking another town.
- To raid/attack PVP towns you MUST be a part of a PVP town yourself. If you are not, you can only PvP in the coliseum or away from pvp towns!

Be reasonable with other players and towns. If you see that there is only 1 person on from a town, don’t go with 5 players to attack, that’s not fair. Please try to keep things as fair as possible. If you attack a town and killed them a few times and they ask you to stop because they are working on something, please respect their wish, if in fact that is what they are doing. Basically be respectful to each other while still having some PvP fun.

If you get killed do not beg to get your items back. The person that killed you has the full right to keep them. If I see you beg I will kick you from the server until you stop.

- Do not set your home inside town/base/home/mine that is not yours. This is considered to be spawn killing/camping and you will be banned for that.
- Do not invite players to your home just to kill them, or have them fall into lava or something.
- Simply put, /home is for your home, not PvP.

Griefing (Server-wide)
- You can grief, but only enough to gain access to someone's house/town/mine after you are done you must replace any blocks that you broke! (with the same blocks)
- Not replacing the blocks will result in ban, it's that simple. Old and abandoned buildings are no exception. If you see something that needs to be destroyed go here and post it.

Looting (Server-wide)
- Stealing from unlocked chests is ok.

Rules for other worlds
Nether - Same as the PvP side of the map
Mining - PvP is disabled anything else goes.
Creative - Simply do not touch other player's creations. "The parts are ordered and we will have the creative server up soon"

If you are going to join/start a town. Town info and rules can be found here. (coming soon)

- Do not stack trees
- Do not build 1 x 1 x 128 tall towers
- Do not dig 1x1x128 deep holes.
- Do not write stuff out on the ground like “Hi” just to see what it looks like on the map from above.
- Do not build pixel art, unless in the creative world. "Server coming soon"
- Please try to make your building some what aesthetically pleasing. A square building entirely out of cobble is not something thats aesthetically pleasing. (This is not really a rule, but me trying to keep the server looking nice)
- Do not destroy the terrain. (Don’t run around and dig random holes or harvest the top layer of dirt or sand. If you need rescources go to /warp mining)
- Please chop down the whole tree so there are no floating leaves.
- Please replant the trees after you are done with chopping them down.
- Build 100 blocks away or more (even better) from spawn and towns. If towns need to be expanded and your house is on the way, it will go. If your house is too close to spawn it will go. I recommended going pretty far from spawn to build especially if you want to start a town, or you will have a lot of new player visitors.
- Don’t make floating subways, waterways or pathways.
-If you build a subway, waterway, or pathway you must follow the following requirements.
1. Be underground or...
2: Be above ground and follow the terrain elevation changes. You may use supports up to 4 blocks high. If there is a huge mountain it can go through it, it doesn't have to follow a terrain there.
- Don't build floating building, islands, ect. If it doesn't look like it will work structurally, don't make it. Thing's like that look silly.
- Basically keep the server looking nice and tidy.

Chat (This includes all game servers, as well as Vent server!)
- No swearing. This includes using **** or @!#$% instead of the actual words. Consider this your only warning!
- Do no start internet fights.
- Do not taunt people.
- Don’t type all in caps.
- Do not complain about lag, or test for lag by spamming chat with random messages. Why? Well, because 99% of the time its just you.
- If someone is talking to you in local chat, respond to them in local.
- Do not use Global chat to have a conversation with one person. Use /tell [player] instead, that will start a private conversation with [player]
- Global chat is only to be used if you have something to say that EVERYONE on the server needs to hear. Please use other channels of the chat like /ch o (off topic) and /ch l (local chat) for everything else, or even better use Ventrilo (voice chat). For full list of chat channels type /ch list.

Ventrilo Info
Port: 4411
Password: (This will be the PW that was set up for you by an Admin. If no PW, leave blank to log in as a guest.)

Miscellaneous rules
-If you post in a ban appeal thread that has nothing to do with you, you may get banned as well. We do not need everybody giving their opinion on what should be done. This will be decided by our Staff.

What is forbidden?
46 – TNT (Can use it in the mining world)
259 - Flint and Tinder (Fire spread is off anyway)

If you have any questions regarding our rules, or anything that is not listed here, please post in this thread. It's better to ask first, rather than finding yourself banned for it later!


- 65Wolf
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SERVER RULES (Applies to all WGN's servers!)
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