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 Available Server Commands

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PostSubject: Available Server Commands   Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:51 pm


Apprentice and Members:

/spawn - Teleport to the world's spawn
/sethome [homename] - Set your home
/home - Teleport to your home
/msg [player] [message] - Send a private message to player specified
/clearinventory - Clear your inventory
/nick [nickname] - Give yourself a 'nickname' (must include part of your actual name)
/help - Get help of commands in-game
/mail send [playername] - send a message to another player; they can be on-line or off-line

LWC Commands:

Command aliases can be used in replacement of the LWC commands for shorter and possibly easier to remember commands.

NOTE: You get 5 FREE protections. After that, each protection costs $5.00

Command: Same As:
/cpublic /lwc -create public
/cpassword [password] /lwc -create password [password]
/cprivate /lwc -create private
/cunlock [password] /lwc -unlock password
/cinfo /lwc -info
/cremove /lwc -remove protection
/cmodify [groups/users] /lwc -m [groups/users]
/climites /lwc -info limits


- 65Wolf
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Available Server Commands
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