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 Project #2 - Treehouse + Help needed for Giant Waterslide

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PostSubject: Project #2 - Treehouse + Help needed for Giant Waterslide   Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:41 am

Hey everyone,
Soon I will be starting a new project in WolfCraft that I will work on, along with the giant waterslide (which is still in progress, about a quarter and a half finished). This will be a Treehouse; it will be in the general vicinity of the waterslide (if not next to it) and it's going to be a project I'm going to work on by myself, unlike the waterslide. When it is finished it may become my main home, and later on I might sell my current house in Wolfesbain, but I'm very fond of it, so it is pretty unlikely.
Also, I still need helpers for the Giant Waterslide, particularly good redstone users. All I have left with the waterslide is redstone powered lights on the waterslide, a switch to turn the water on/off and i need to finish off the structure of the waterslide (as half of the wall is missing). Honestly I have no idea how to set up the lights for the waterslide, but I may be able to do the switch the water on/off. I'm thinking of having a control room that links all the redstone to it, and the switches will be in there.
Please comment if you can help out with the waterslide Smile
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Project #2 - Treehouse + Help needed for Giant Waterslide
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