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 Onlyonebest/Bestbelieve's Application

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PostSubject: Onlyonebest/Bestbelieve's Application   Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:14 pm

In-Game Name:Onlyonebest

Preferred name (if different):Best or Bestbelieve


How long have you played MineCraft: Couple months

Why do you want to join WolfCraft Gaming: To see what all the talk is about!

Why should we accept your application, or what can you bring to better our server: Because.. I'm.. I dont know. I just want a decent server Razz

Other MC Servers you've played on: Imaginary, and another server that needs to be reset already. Mostly PvP servers

How did you hear about us: By being in your vent

Do you have a microphone and speakers (not required): Yes

Have you used Vent before: Of course
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PostSubject: Re: Onlyonebest/Bestbelieve's Application   Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:20 pm


Welcome Smile
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Onlyonebest/Bestbelieve's Application
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