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 NEW - Showcases are now available for member shops!! (incl. setup info)

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PostSubject: NEW - Showcases are now available for member shops!! (incl. setup info)   Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:57 am

I have added the SHOWCASE plugin so now players can use showcases to sell items. This is useful for members who want to create shops!! Here is some info to help you get started with it....

Adding a showcase

1.Start sneaking!
2.Right-click a half-step block with the item in your hand you want to showcase
3.An assistant will ask you which type of Showcase you want to add. Type the text before the colon )
4.Depending on the type you chose, the assistant will ask some extra questions, follow the assistant to finish showcase creation.

Removing a showcase

2.Right-click on a showcase. If this was a finite showcase or an exchange showcase, you will get your items back.

What are shop showcases?

A shop showcase can be used to sell items to your players. There are 2 types of shops now:

1. Infinite shop - This one has an infinite amount of items. The money that the players give to buy an item will go to nirvana
2. Finite shop - This one has that number of items which the owner has set up. The owner will get the money from which the items were bought.

* Note: There is also a Basic showcase. This only displays the item!

How can a Player buy items from a shop showcase?

1.Click on the Showcase. The price per item and the available amount will be displayed.
2.Type in the number of items you want and hit enter. A message will show you the success of the checkout.
‚ó¶Type 0 to abort checkout

How can you refill a finite shop showcase?

1.Click on it
2.Type in the amount of items to refill. Negative values will remove that amount from the showcase.
3.Walk away or type 0.


- 65Wolf
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NEW - Showcases are now available for member shops!! (incl. setup info)
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